Hiring Specialist


The position of Hiring Specialist is primarily responsible for performing all aspects of recruitment and staffing for the company. The Hiring Specialist must be prepared to work independently and as part of a team.

Specific Duties

Recruiting: Soliciting resumes from qualified candidates; coordinating and attending career fairs in Houston; screening resumes and applications for suitability; conducting initial screening interviews, both telephone and personal; conducting background checks; making hiring recommendations based upon the eligibility criteria provided by upper management.

Advertising: Increasing CTI’s profile to reach a wider market of candidates; finding new, innovative and creative ways to make CTI an appealing and desirable company to work for.

General Human Resources Assistance: Working with management to ensure that all CTI new hire paperwork is completed and conforms to CTI and regulatory hiring and staff management practices; handling administrative duties related to hiring. Must be familiar with all State Labor Laws.


The successful candidate for the position will have obtained the following experience:

  • Proven track record of success in a recruiting role, having had responsibility for screening, interviewing and hiring for multiple positions concurrently.
  • Knowledge and experience working in a service related industry with an equal opportunity employer and well versed in the acceptable practices of interviewing and recruiting in a non-discriminatory environment.
  • 3-5 years of experience and completion of college or equivalent experience in Human Resources or related field is preferred.
  • Excellent computer literacy and application skills in desktop computing including MS Outlook, MS Office applications and other commonly used office productivity tools.
  • Skilled at researching, investigating and gathering information from internet site resources.

Additional Criteria

In addition to the specific work experience and skills, CTI also seeks someone with the qualities listed below:

  •  Exceptional work ethic
  •  Able to work well independently and with minimal supervision
  •  Good team player
  •  A firm commitment to the company’s success
  •  Flexible and accommodating and able to go above and beyond the basic expectations when required
  •  Must be able to multitask
  •  Detailed-oriented, with attention to detail for tasks that have zero tolerance for errors
  •  Absolute commitment to customer service
  •  Exceptionally strong communication skills, both written and verbal
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